Welcome on Casea's chest

I hope by this site to share my passion for the fairy-like worlds. But this sharing must be done in the reciprocal respect. Here procedure:

- Respect of the artists :

Any image was creates by an author (that which drew the basic image, not that which added stars or other animations !). Consequently you must respect this work. Use an image without its copyright is illegal and first of all very disrespectful.
Before using any image, you must get information about the terms of use. Generally, all is explained in part FAQ of the artist' site. If it's not the case, you must ask him for the permission.

- Respect of what I offer to you :

This site is entirely free for you. But I pay a web hosting. So don't use my band-width to copy past the URL of my images ! If you like an image, record there on your hard disk and host it elsewhere. The stealing of band-width, also illegal, is a plague, not a week without I wasting my time to find people stealing me. In first time my site is increasingly slow. Then if my quotas are exceeded, my site is automaticly closed (and images which you would have taken with of course). Thus take these 2 minutes so that the sharing is real, to take my URL to me amounts parasitizing me! I do not ask you anything in exchange.

-Consequences :

I can't accept gift or another creation not observing these conditions. Many artists come on this site. If I claim to respect them, I cannot put beside the illegal images! Moreover, I want to show them that they are right to trust me by authorizing me the publication of their images.

- And especially… happy trip ! :)

These rules are long to expose but not so hard to put into practice:)
I hope to transmit this message of respect, it should well be admitted that one is far from the perfect world!
Once the good practices taken, there remains only the pleasure, without embarrassment none of anybody. Then… Good exploration!


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Illustration : Linda Tso
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