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In all cases
(excluding services with code where I offer accommodation)


Do not take my URL! I pay my bandwidth!
I offer these creations with pleasure but
save them to your hard drive !

Then host them here for example: Imageshack
I would not want to be forced to close my site, or simply that its access becomes impracticable!
For more information:
What is the hotlink

User Guide:

Using my creations

You can use my creations on your site if you do not modify them. You must not under any circumstances remove the copyright of the author or my signature. I also ask you for a link back to my site (clickable creation leading to my site)

Using images

The pictures in the gallery do not belong to me. They are under the copyright of their authors. Having all the rights, it is to them that you must ask the authorization (often their conditions of use are accessible on their site in their FAQ section)

Using PSP tubes

Few artists allow the use of tubes from their creations. Their reason is simple: once cut you often lose track of their copyright and users use these tubes they believe free of right.

Gold NO IMAGE IS FREE OF RIGHT! Respect the rare artists who still accept tube creation and do not forget to put their copyright back somewhere on your creation .

Frequently asked questions:

Can you make me a personalized creation?

I’m really sorry but no, it’s tag, clock, calendar etc …. I tried but I soon found myself submerged. I also have a hard time creating on command, I only create by crush of the moment, seeing an image that inspires me.

Can you make me a drawing ?

Not knowing how to draw, I would have a hard time! :).

Can we be a partner ?

No. The partnership is more than a link exchange for me. It must have a meaning beyond, so at least a “web-friendship”.

Can you put my banner on your site ?

Once again I want to “select” my links and only remember my favorites, whether for a style and /or for a webmaster. It does not ask … 🙂

Why so many warnings ?

I’m aware that this is not fairy 🙁 But it was urgent for the site that the theft ceases! My bandwidth level was so low that my site was going to be closed next month! I did not really know I have increased the number of warnings, and I am obliged to place them at each entrance, as the visitor does not have to go through the front door or do all the sections, we must be sure that whatever his path, he will see the warning.A great surprise that it works very well! I do not almost steal since 🙂
It must be believed that the majority was flying without realize, simply by not knowing how the net works! A word of warning was not enough, it was obviously not read and especially understood!
So yes it’s quite heavy … But when we get robbed, reality quickly picks up : that was it or the closing. I am really pleasantly surprised to see you read now and especially that you respect these instructions:

Why no music ?

For 2 reasons:
-1 °: music takes up a lot of space. Without a very good connection, access to the site becomes impracticable. I prefer to take care of the design, which takes up a lot of space by itself.
-2 °: loving to listen to my music when I surf, I do not really like sites with music that force us to cut our own music. In general, I leave the site directly without even knowing if I would have liked (except exceptional design!). I do not want to lose you stupidly :-))

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